Brenda Bee

Fortunate Souls

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'YOUNG & FOOLISH' out now!

Mini-album “Young & Foolish” out now!

“Young & Foolish” embodies seven songs! Heartfelt songs which dance around the borders of pop, soul & rock music. Brenda sings about being young and thinking you know it all, then to realize some time later, you absolutely didn’t. Songs about friendship, love, passion and growing up!

Time performed its magic and steered Brenda towards new musical insights and possibilities and into this very exciting collaboration with Dutch hit producer Gordon Groothedde (Matt Simons, Marco Borsato, Miss Montreal among many others). They worked together on the songs for “Young & Foolish” in a very intimate and relaxed setting; hours and hours, just the two of them in his home studio. Two of the songs on this album: 'You Set Me Up' and 'Fortunate Souls' were released as singles over the summer of 2017. Both accompanied by a personal music video! In 2020 Brenda decided to individually release the other five songs. In March she released a video for 'Another Song', a piano ballad.

Can't wait to hear the rest? You can order your physical copy of 'Young and Foolish' by sending an email to Or buy yours at a live concert.