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Motel Westcoast Theater Tour 2017 - speeldata

7 November 2016 - JANUARI
vr. 06-01-2017 EMMELOORD Theater Voorhuys (try-out)
wo. 11-01-2017 SNEEK Theater Sneek (try-out)
vr. 13-01-2017 DRACHTEN Schouwburg De Lawei (voorpremière)
za. 14-01-2017 DRACHTEN Schouwburg De Lawei (première)
vr. 27-01-2017 HOOFDDORP Schouwburg De Meerse
za. 28-01-2017 HAAKSBERGEN Theater De Kappen (sta-concert)
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21 September 2016 -

Theatre tour Motel Westcoast 2017 - "The American dream" with Syb van der Ploeg, Edward Reekers & Julian Thomas

20 May 2016 - Hi everybody, it's a bit early... but since the ticket-sale is going insanely fast apparently ..I wanted to give you a heads up on the touring plans for 2017! We'll be touring the country again from January till May. Here are the dates! -X- B.B.

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In March 2014 Brenda Bee released her debut album “Sweet Disguise”; a versatile pop&soul album. The singles “Mystified” and “Lullaby Lovin” were aired by both national and regional radio stations. Brenda performed together with her band at Radio 538, Radio 1, Radio 2 and Radio 6.
“Sweet Disguise” was also released in Japan.

The press about “Sweet Disguise”:
"Another Friday feeling melody, B Girl Brenda sounds A1 with her Love Unlimited Orchestra surround sound, stylish soul disco song of midnight romance!" (

"So, yes, plenty of variety on 'Sweet Disguise'... all held together by Brenda's great vocals that can go from storming to intimate in the space of a couple of bars" (

"Want tien liedjes verder kun je niet anders dan toegeven dat ook songwriting een discipline is waarin ze uitblinkt. Voilà, de geboorte van Sweet Disguise, een prachtig debuutalbum!" (

Brenda is currently working on her second solo album.


Since 2012, Brenda has been a valued member of the musical collective called “The Best of Britain”. Together with well-known Dutch artists Syb van der Ploeg, Edward Reekers and Maarten Peters and a fantastic live band, Brenda tours every other year throughout the country and gets to sing the biggest hits from the UK such as from artists like Adele, The Beatles, Kate Bush and much more. The collective has released three live albums. The next tour will take place in 2018.


Since 2013, Brenda has also been a member of the very successful musical collective “Motel Westcoast”. Together with Julian Thomas, Syb van der Ploeg and Edward Reekers Brenda tours around the country, every other year, with a show built around the biggest hits from the USA. Songs from bands such as “The Eagles” and “Chicago” but also artists like Alicia Keys and Cyndi Lauper are passionately performed by an amazing live band. The next tour will take place starting January 2017.


Because of her deep passion for writing music and songs, Brenda launched a new concept in 2016 called “Trouwlied Op Maat”. With this concept, she composes original songs for couples who are going to get married. The song will be live performed during the wedding ceremony by Brenda.
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Brenda is an experienced studio vocalist and gets hired on a regular basis to record both radio jingles as commercial company jingles. Some of her previous clients are Halfords, Primera and radio 2. For more info please send an email to

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