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TBOB @ Spijkenisse Festival 21-8-2016

21 August 2016 - Zaterdag 21 augustus staat "The Best of Britain" op het Spijkenisse Festival te Spijkenisse.

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Theatre tour Motel Westcoast 2017 - "The American dream" with Syb van der Ploeg, Edward Reekers & Julian Thomas

20 May 2016 - Hi everybody, it's a bit early... but since the ticket-sale is going insanely fast apparently ..I wanted to give you a heads up on the touring plans for 2017! We'll be touring the country again from January till May. Here are the dates! -X- B.B.

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The Best of Britain; Grote Finale te Kampen 14 mei.

8 March 2016 - Lieve volgers, tot onze vreugde is "The Best of Britain" 2016 een groot succes! Ik sta te kijken van hoeveel zalen er uitverkocht zijn, en voel me enorm gezegend met jullie steun en enthousiasme! Bij deze wil ik jullie laten weten dat er op 14 mei een grote finale zal plaatsvinden in "The Music Club" te Kampen. Er is een bbq en we spelen een speciale akoestische sessie! Super gezellig dus! Ik hoop jullie daar te zien! -X- B.B.

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“Sweet Disguise” is the debut album of young soulful Singer&Songwriter Brenda Bee. Many haven’t heard her own music but she has gained a lot of musical experience and fans over the short time she’s been exploring the music business. After having graduated in 2010 as a Singer&Songwriter from the Artez Conservatory she performed with the most diverse bands. In 2012 she started touring with among other renowned Dutch artists Syb van der Ploeg, Edward Reekers, Maarten Peters and Julian Thomas. Their shows "The Best of Britain" and "Motel Westcoast" are an annually re-occuring success throughout the whole nation.

In summer 2013 she decided it was time to let people hear her own music and so the plan to record ‘Sweet Disguise’ was born. The album contains songs she wrote over the last couple of years and more recent song material. Her sound is not only characterized by soulful warmth and versatility. Together with the producers and band she has managed to tastefully combine a wide range of music genres that result in Brenda‘s very unique style.

"I‘m not made to sing only intimate, little songs. Nor do I solely bring the roof down all the time. I am a combination of those two, they complement each other” she says. “Every person needs to shout it out sometimes, and every person will shed some tears now and then. This is who we are, this is life, strong and fragile, happy and sad at the very same time”. Every song is a true personal glimpse into her life and personality.

“Sweet Disguise” was recorded in the Marmalade Music Studio in Delft with producers Sven Figee and Roland Dirkse and musicians Tim Beudel, Glenn Gaddum, Tim Eijmaal and Frank van Essen. The album was released under record label BeeBee Records which was founded by Brenda Bee in 2013.

"Another Friday feeling melody, B Girl Brenda sounds A1 with her Love Unlimited Orchestra surround sound, stylish soul disco song of midnight romance!" (

"So, yes, plenty of variety on 'Sweet Disguise'... all held together by Brenda's great vocals that can go from storming to intimate in the space of a couple of bars" (

"Want tien liedjes verder kun je niet anders dan toegeven dat ook songwriting een discipline is waarin ze uitblinkt. Voilà, de geboorte van Sweet Disguise, een prachtig debuutalbum!" (

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